Art We There Yet?

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Cora Rose and José Luis Vílchez are a pair of artists with a passion for seeing and experiencing the world through the lens of their art. Through photography, audio recordings, and Art We There Yet, they document and share the diverse sights and sounds of our world. Cora grew up in a small town in rural Wisconsin, USA. Travel is her passion and audio recording her addiction. Her focus is the work of capturing ambient sounds of a place and creating collaborative recordings with musicians from around the world. José Luis grew up in another small town - El Sauce, Nicaragua. He is a painter, a photographer, a musician, and a world traveler who has visited over 70 countries. He sees photography as a way of building a visual diary of captured moments – from the rawness and chaos of human life to the still quiet of the natural world. Together, it is their mission to create art that highlights the diversity, challenges, and shared humanity of peoples across the globe.

Friday  October 11th  @ 7:00 pm

Doors opened at 6:30

9140 Guilford Road, Suite D

Columbia, MD 21046

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