Root Studio Featured in the Baltimore Sun - Columbia Flier

“I am enamored with the space,” Hinkal (performer) said. “This is not what I expected it to be. This is an arts venue.”

“People go to the gym for their body, and they can come here for their brain,” said Isailovic, who worked on the concept of Root for three years before opening in March 2017 in Suite D at 9140 Guilford Road."

Not a traditional art studio, Root does not offer art classes, though instructors can help with techniques and host workshops. Rather, it is about letting individuals discover what they like and where they are creatively, she said.

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Root Studio Featured in the Baltimore Sun - Howard County Times

"All a budding artist needs is curiosity and the desire to explore new ideas — that’s the philosophy behind Root Studio, a shared creative space in Columbia designed to foster an artistic ecosystem.”

Medicine Words by Dianne Connelly - Audiobook Now Available!

With words we open life, or close it. The language we use is a powerful act of creation. Everything we say is something about being, something about bringing forth our life together. In Medicine Words, Dianne Connelly PhD and co-founder of the Tai Sophia Institute (now known as the Maryland University of Integrative Health) insists that as speakers and listeners we must wake up to what this shared world needs to hear us say, a world of dwelling thinking in our every word, a dictionary for living.

Read by the author and produced at Root Studio by Marc Moreau.

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Her Mind Magazine - Cover Story with Karen Isailovic

Root Studio offers a space for collaboration and inspiration,

“It's all about the process. It’s about bringing the creator out in each of us.”