rob and Kristen of ilyAIMY

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ilyAIMY performs in a lot of different formats – one of which is the husband/wife duo of ilyAIMY’s leader rob Hinkal and cellist Kristen Jones. Kristen Jones and rob met at the House of Musical Traditions in Takoma Park, MD where she was the boss and he was working part-time. In ilyAIMY, HE’S the boss and it’s all very sordid. Kristen initially solely joined the band in the studio, but her role slowly expanded until she became a very solid, integral part to the sound – soothing and smooth against their signature percussive sharpness. Her unique electric cello is sometimes the bass and sometimes the lead, and her vocal harmonies fill the cracks with a subtle beauty that show off a complete mastery of more than just her STRINGED instrument.

The Morning Call (PA) says, ”… Jones [cello] … found sonic spaces within the songs that I didn’t know existed & nestled right in, whether she was plucking out a bassline or using a bow to coax out a solo… & then there’s Hinkal, whose playing technique … it’s something like a cross between finger-picking & slap-bass — on speed.“

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Open Mic at Root Studio

Friday  December 13th  @ 7:00 pm

Doors opened at 6:30

9140 Guilford Road, Suite D

Columbia, MD 21046

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