Gone but not forgotten!

So many happy memories from our time in Columbia!

After 3 years in Columbia, the decision was made to relocate to the new Arts + Entertainment District in Catonsville.  C'ville (as the locals refer to it) was designated as Music City Maryland by the State of Maryland in 2019 - we feel confident we were destined to move here since music is such a part of our passion! We know you will enjoy discovering the little gems in this quaint town.  We already feel at home and see the potential to take Root and thrive!

We are evolving and adapting every day in our new surroundings.  Our mission remains the same though it will look  slightly different while in survival mode until the economy proves strong.  That said, we are as dedicated as ever to make a go of it here and look forward to supporting other local independent businesses in due time.


Our re-opening will be in phases over the next 1-2 years as we get the feel for the community's behavior based on these changing times in COVID19 and are standing on solid ground.  Our business model will feel a bit different - but the goal is to open up the community studio as it was designed in Columbia, a safe space to foster community mental wellness, through creative practice of course!  Until then, please check out our workshops and events on Eventbrite and subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed of our progress.  We miss you and can't wait to reconnect!

Images from the Columbia Location

Our co-working studios are designed to give members full access to any area of the studio during open studio hours.

The Warehouse

This space is home for multiple-genre projects including ample storage for canvases, a reference library, available lockers and over 2,200 sq. ft. of flexible, creative workspace that can be configured to suit the needs of your project.

The Group Room

Our 470 sq. ft. multi purpose room equipped with 8 large worktables on locking casters that can

be reconfigured for a variety of tasks. Perfect for writers groups, textile work, crafts,

or any project that requires a large surface to do your thing.

The Digital Lab

Our digital lab is where multiple speed-enhanced 4k iMac workstations are available for

creation and editing. Featuring Ableton Live music software with Push and Akai midi controllers

as well as the full Adobe CC suite of programs for media production.

The Photography Lab

Capture and create your perspective of the world with professional grade equipment at your disposal.

Experiment with different lighting and backdrops to get your shot. Shoot stills or video then enhance

and edit with any of the Adobe CC Suite of programs to complete your vision.

The Control Room

Available for advanced private instruction or consultation with multiple Grammy winning engineer and producer

Marc Moreau. Get hands on experience with cutting edge tools featuring flagship DAW systems such as

Avid ProTools, Ableton Live and Cubase Pro with a vast collection of plug-ins and sample libraries

used by professional music producers, engineers and film composers.

The Writers Nook

Our two smaller group rooms and adjoining nook area are ideal for writers, playwrights and

poets who require a more secluded or intimate setting. Flexible for both private use or

small group meetings and discussions/brain storming.