Open Mic FAQs

Our Top Open Mic Questions

Why do we charge admission fees?

  1. Most audience members are comprised of performers so tickets help fund the cost of producing the open mic

  2. We provide food and drink probono so admission fees help cover that cost. (donations accepted but not required!)

  3. Unlike other open mics that take place in a coffeehouse or bar, our venue does not generate revenue from coffee or alcohol sales.

  4. Performer ticket prices are reduced and include two complimentary tickets so that performers can bring a couple friends/family for free.

  5. Ticket prices help cover the stipend we pay featured performers

  6. Performers are live streamed by professional social media managers over FB and Instagram and benefit from our expanding reach on social media.

  7. Performers are also invited to be video interviewed by our social media team during intermission. The video can be downloaded for free for press kits or other self promotion purposes.

  8. Our venue is an active and supportive listening audience with pro sound and lighting. A $10-$15 cover charge for admission is an amazing value for a night of food, drink, an attentive audience and musical fellowship.

Do you have a piano?

  1. Yes! We have a well tuned, 88 key, spinet piano available for all performers to use.

What type of sound system and mics do you have?

  1. We have brand new 15" JBL Speakers with horns and Shure SM58 Beta mics and SM57 instrument mics. View our full sound system specs here...

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