Art + Mindfulness for Mental Wellness

Experiential Programs For Teams, Small Groups,

Organizations and Mid-Size Businesses.

Learn how mindfulness can be used to self-regulate

stress, anxiety and improve focus & concentration.


Done consistently, creative practice in fine art, writing,

music, and movement, fosters mindful awareness.

Our program uses a variety of creative experiences

to build stress resilience and overall improved mental wellness.

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Improved Skills & Benefits

● Methods to self-regulate stress

● Cultivate stress resiliency

● Enhance visual literacy

● Strengthen observational skills

● Improve focus

● Manage distractions

● Increase ability to sustain attention

● Abstract problem solving skills

Professional + Organizational Development

We custom tailor packages based on the specific goals of your organization.

Please contact us to set up a free consultation.

Workshops + Seminars

We offer single workshops designed to introduce mindfulness concepts as well as multi-module series workshops for more comprehensive training.


For a complete program path, workshops can be paired with
custom packages in open studio practice and mentoring.

Team Building

Customized workshop design available.

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